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Precure All Stars New Stage 3 Spoilers

I had a chance to go to Japan, so I went to see the movie in Osaka at Umeda Burg 7 Cinema.
I will not tell the whole story of the movie, but I will give some details that I could remember from watching the movie. (I will not list in order according to the story.)
For those who haven’t watched the movie, if you don’t want to see the spoilers, don’t open..........................

[Spoiler (click to open)]
- Cure Moonlight and Cure Ace fight together in the final battle.
- Yumeta’s mother is the one who causes the children’s dreams and releases the nightmare beasts.
- Blue plays a big part for giving the miracle lights.
- EnEn and Gureru go to the Solitaire Shop to see the DokiDoki! Group.
- Megumi is also trapped in her dream at the beginning of the movie.
- Megumi, Hime, Ribbon, EnEn and Gureru are locked in jail by Yumeta’s mother. (Megumi tries to escape by punching the gate, but her hand gets hurt instead : (
- Hime draws a funny face on Megumi’s face with a marker. :)
- The DokiDoki! Group goes to the Blue Sky Embassy.
- Mana meets Megumi for the first time at the Blue Sky Embassy while she is sleeping. (Not when Mana rescues her like we see in the trailer)
- In the scene where Nozomi is teaching her students. Actually, she is surprised by saying to herself “Am I a teacher???” #__#
- Many Erika’s comical faces.
- Cherry Flamenco is used for attacking the nightmare beasts.
- Ayumi becomes partners with EnEn and Gureru.
- Other characters who appear in the movie: Miyuki and Yayoi’s mothers (Smile), Ban Kenji (Heartcatch), Kintoleski (SplashStar)
- The dance ending song (Precure Memory) is very wonderful and fantastic. Each Precure group has the leader cure wearing a head microphone (like we see on the CD cover single) and the members of each team acts like a chorus which I like it. In my opinion, this is the best dance ending from the New Stage movies.

There might be some mistakes from the spoilers that I have mentioned but that is all that I can remember. :)
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