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Predictions for the final arc of Happinesscharge (Sample)

I would like to make some predictions and comments before we reach to the final arc of Happinesscharge, especially Seiji and other things by the following topics…….

Please notice that this is only just a personal prediction and opinion toward the series.
Do not consider this as a spoiler, and do not take this seriously ^__^

Feel free to give any comments or add any ideas.
If you do not want to read or know what I predicted, do not open

This journal was written after the broadcasting of episode 39. (As of November 11, 2014)

Seiji and the final battle
[Seiji and the final battle]Seiji’s role in the final battle could be these two possible V ways:

V1. Seiji as the villain: Seiji is manipulated by Deep Mirror, saying to him like what he said to Mirage that “Love is an illusion, Happiness lasts only for an instant” since he feels jealous and sad whenever he sees Megumi get along very well with Blue. Then, Deep mirror lures Seiji to come to his side and gives him powers to fight with the Precures until he is defeated and saved by the Precures.

V2. Seiji as the victim: Like the first one, Seiji is manipulated, but this time, Deep mirror puts Seiji into a deep eternal sleep (or controls his mind) and uses his dark feelings and sadness to create and spread sadness powers around the world, and create a monster that is hard to defeat (The more dark feelings and sadness Seiji has, the more difficult for the Precures to defeat). Also, Deep mirror may merge his heart inside Seiji’s body so he can be invincible. Therefore, the only thing that the Precures can do is – Kill both Deep Mirror and Seiji (sounds so sad, isn’t it?).
Seiji’s number of episode appearances
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Precure Episode Appearances Full
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